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Our Story
The Brizzl store exists because of passionate people. Passionate people who want to share an idea with the world. Now that most businesses are run online, giant e-commerce companies have put themselves in a unique position of power. They charge smaller online stores outrageous fees, and a percentage of their sales.

We aim to level the playing field by cutting out those things and charging a simple subscription. Think of it as virtual rent. Brick and mortar stores don’t have to pay their landlords a portion of their sales, so why should you?

The big guys won’t be happy, but Brizzl store comes from a long line of disrupters, innovators, and dreamers. We’re here to stay, and our priority is helping you keep more of your hard-earned money and truly make a difference. 


You keep ALL of your profits

If you own a brick and mortar store, you would never pay your landlord a cut of your profits. So, why do you when selling online? Here at Brizzl Store, we believe that you should receive the full amount that you chose to list your item. These companies are built with your blood, sweat and tears. Why should the marketplace make out so well?


No Listing Fees

When running a physical store, it doesn't cost money to stock your shelves so why does it when selling online? These listing fees lower a businesses potential profit margins just by stocking an item that doesn’t sell quickly. When you "rent" a Brizzl Store, we don't expect you to pay fees a brick and mortar store isn’t paying.


No Payout Fees

It seems like everyone wants a piece of everyone's pie. Here at Brizzl Store, we respect your hard work and refuse to price gouge you every step of the way. If it is your money, why would you pay us an additional fee to transfer it to your account? We provide the market place for a fee and after that, your business is your business.

Lines of Inventory

Our mission

Keep more with Brizzl Store!

If you run an online store, and you’re tired of paying outrageous fees as well as a percentage of your sales, Brizzl Store is here to help. We cut out extra charges, so you can operate just by paying a simple subscription.

That means more freedom, more peace of mind, and more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.


Our Team

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